Passionate Pilgrimage / Andalusian Fiesta

Story offer: words & pictures

Location: Andalusia, Spain

Subject: the pilgrimage to El Rocio – send-off of the brotherhoods

Title: Spanish Pilgrimage / Andalusian Fiesta / Clap Hands for El Rocio

Spain has Europe’s most spectacular pilgrimage, devoted to Andalusia’s Virgin of El Rocío -- a million people journey to gather in the marshland village of El Rocio in the River Guadalquivir delta in far southwestern Spain, to pay homage to the "White Dove" Virgin Mary statue and have a great party. Towns all over Andalusia have Brotherhoods of El Rocio which organise their own pilgrimages, with a day of festivities before setting off. Women in vivid flamenco dresses and men in tight-fitting Andalusian costume, proud horsemen, guitarists, singers and a flower-decked oxcart carrying a Virgin image – all these parade through the streets in a vibrant display of Andalusian passion. Pictures from the major Andalusian cities of Cordoba and Seville. The festival takes place from the Thursday to the Monday of Pentecost.

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