Capri Still Captivates

Story offer: words & pictures

Location: Capri, Bay of Naples, Italy

Subject: a legendary island well worth its reputation

Title: Capri Still Captivates

A resort island since Roman imperial days, the height of chic for celebrities in the 1950s (Sinatra sang about it, the Hollywood A-list all went there), has Capri had its day? Decidedly not. Though invaded by day trippers, this sheer-cliffed rock in the Bay of Naples continues to offer exquisite natural beauty and highly refined comforts, the aura of the many great artists who passed this way, plus the strong scent of scandal running from Tiberius's lusts through fin de siecle foibles to modern indiscretions. Away from the designer boutiques and cafe society of crowded Capri town, astounded by dramatic views, enchanted by flower-filled gardens, intoxicated by aromatic plants, and stumbling upon the gorgeous villas of the famous, you know why Capri became a legend and remains one of those select places to see before you die.

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