Dance Like An Egyptian

Story offer: words & pictures

Location: Cairo

Genre: photo essay / picture-led story

Subject: Egypt’s traditional music & dance, outdoor performance at Pyramids

Title: Dance Like An Egyptian

Egypt has a vibrant tradition of folk music and dance far broader and deeper than the corny image of belly dancing. This tradition is represented in public performance by professional dance and music troupes such as the National Folklore Troupe (Firqua Kawmiyya) and the Reda Troupe (the first one, formed in 1959 during Egypt's national renaissance of the Nasser era). While visiting the Pyramids, I chanced upon a welcome celebration of traditional music and dance given by one such troupe for some foreign dignitaries visiting the Sphinx, featuring over 100 vividly dressed dancers and musicians of first class quality. Shot with the Pyramids and Sphinx sometimes as evocative background, the bright and vibrant pictures - mostly spontaneous, some posed, all full of atmosphere and colour - make for a dramatic photo-led story, with textual commentary on Egyptian music and dance, or a photo essay with an introductory text.

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