Macau Mosaic

Story offer: photo essay

Location: Macau (China)

Subject: the multi-faceted forms and colours of Portugal’s old foothold in China

Title: Macau Mosaic

Macau is a place with a half-millennium of history in which the Chinese and the Portuguese developed a unique cultural mix. Opening up to the world in the 20th century, Macau is today an international crossroads and Asia’s biggest single playground, a city-state turned casino-state where the world goes to gamble and indulge itself in fantastical mega-resorts.

All the while, traditional Chinese and Portuguese culture lives on amongst the high-rise glitter, and in some parts of town you would swear you were in old China or old Portugal. This vibrant mix of civilisations and epochs, of tradition and of futurism, of faith and greed, of workaday living and outrageous fantasy gives rise to a multitude of colourful forms, a kaleidoscope of images.

Ranging from Portuguese mosaic tiling to casino neon displays, from Catholic embroidiery to Chinese iconry, from theatrical costumes to ornate hotel lobbies, and above all in the outrageous décor of the casinos, an extraordinary display of colours and forms is offered by Macau.

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