Sacred Lake / High Water

Story offer: words & pictures

Destination: Bolivia

Location: Lake Titicaca

Subject: the sacred lake of the Incas, high in the Andes

Title: Sacred Lake / High Water

High in the Andes, almost 4,000 metres above sea level, lies a huge lake of deep blue waters. The sacred lake of the Incas, Lake Titicaca is a place of powerful myth, magical atmosphere and great beauty -- from these waters the god Viracoca rose up to create the sun, moon, stars and first human beings, the Incas believed. He left the Island of the Sun and the Island of the Moon, where the Incas’ descendants still farm the arid landscape of terraced hills, tending sheep and llamas. At 177 km long and up to 370 metres in depth, Titicaca is one of the largest and deepest lakes in the world, and the highest usable by large shipping. Snow-capped mountains rise from its eastern shore, and its waters are an unworldly hue of inky dark blue. Beside the lake lies the town of Copacabana, a revered pilgrimage site for the Virgin Mary. Taking a small boat from here to the islands is an unforgettable voyage into a place of ancient mystery and profound allure.

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